Wednesday, 4 February 2009

So Close (and yet so far)

Black Orc: Ere boss, i killed those 25 stunties you wanted!

Keep Lord: Gud Job, erez some spare teef for your trouble

Black Orc: Iz dat all?

Keep Lord: yer

Black Orc: Right im off

Keep Lord: So you killed all of dem stunties then?

Black Orc: Nah

A loud crashing sound is herd

Keep Lord: Zoggin Heck they've broken the doorz!

Black Orc: Yeah sorry about that boss. But you said to come back here and tell you when id killed those stunties.

Keep Lord: Youz little grunt! I'll Feed ya to the snotlings........

The Keep Lord Raises his axe menacingly and turns to the Black Orc, at that moment a tide of Order players erupts from the stair well and swamp the lord his cries of rage lost amongst their victorious cheers..


Mythic have a horrible tendancy of producing things which come so very very close to genius but fail on the final hurdle.

Todays patch introduced Kill quests which are given out by Keep Lords and BO sergeants.

Done rightly this was the solution to the long standing problem of the game offering no incentive defend.

Sadly this isnt going to happen for two reasons:

The Rewards:
Gold & Xp
Lvl 40 players have very little need for either.
I just don't understand this choice of rewards. Somewhere they seem to be fundamentally missing the wants of lvl 40 players.
If they had given RR & Zone Influence it would be another stroy,since these are both valued. XP & gold however are basically on little to no worth to any endgame player.

The Hand in Mechanic:
The little conversation at the start is what my imagination says goes on thanks to mythics decision on how this would work.
Having Keep Lords Give out the quest is fine, but having to go back to him to hand it in is just plain stupid.
Mythic pioneered the idea of using quest items instead of npcs as part of quest chains, and this would have been be a idea opportunity.


  1. I've found myself, in the middle of a pitched Lord room battle, turning in the kill quest and picking up another. As a below 40, the exp is precious.

  2. Im lvl 36 myself so the xp is not a bad thing, but alot of the population which do RvR are rank 40 and so have little use for them, I just feel giving a incentive not everyone can benefit from isn't the best way of going about it.

    also if the 'quest' for capturing a BO give Xp, RR and Influence the defence should too, even if its not as much, or else the incentive is still to go elsewhere and look for undefended Bo's

    not that anything which increases the XP people can earn from RvR is bad just i think if they went that extra mile this could be a very nice addition instead of just a ok one