Monday, 13 October 2008

If a tree falls in a forest....

The interweb has been ablaze with tales on the looting of Altdorf for a 2nd time.
I don't see the point in midnight raids. To quote the governator himself
What is best in life? "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women"
What this so elegantly express is that in any war between two factions the only real victory is archived when your enemies feel their defeat.
So then what is a point in a triumph when you never even see your enemies.I'm not taking anything away from the people who pulled this off. Its not Retribution's fault they were organized and committed and the defenders were not.
what the game need to do is to offer incentives for attack to be made at busy times & for the to be incentives for players to defend.When all is said & done WaR is about beating other players, not about beating the game.

No Capes!

The incredibles had a point
As i mentioned before i'm not a fan of mythics decision to give us all whiter that white cloaks at early levels. The obvious answer to this was 'just hide the damn thing then!' which although a fine idea in principle is destroyed by a bug which resets your cloak & head settings whenever you zone in.
Thankfully help it is at hand, i came across stickygearsettings
while browsing curses selection of addons for WaR.
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The WaR addon community is very much still in it infancy mythic made a smart move by using the same LUA programming language as wow does for it addons allowing 'relatviely' easy ports of many of the most popular WoW addons such as greyhoof's Scrolling Combat Text.
The problem this has produced is that alot of the addons deal with issues which were a problem in WoW but that the default UI deals with well in WaR, while at the same time alot of WaRs biggest Ui problems are seeing very little attention.
with that in mind pop pickers heres my:

Top 5 most wanted addons

5: HuD Display
just a nice simple curved HuD with a combo point(action point, waarg, balance ect) measure. There are a few HuD addons already available but quite frankly even the best of the (a conversion of wow's metahud) are all Fugly as hell. WaR ui allthough similar to WoWs lacks much of its chunkyness, so a Nive Hud with perhaps a theme for every race would be golden. I know working with a HuD helped me alot while playing pvp while playing pvp in wow since your eyes stay centered on whats happening. This is especially important in war with the lack of casting bar for your opponents.

4:Threat Meter
Yes this is mainly a RvR game but it is not EXCLUSIVELY a rvr game, my experiences in the dungeons so far have been pretty brutal, & its equally relevant when dealing with something like a keep lord. It doesn't need to be even 1/10th the complexity of something like omen, just a % of threat.

3:Target-of-target display
When doing the dungeon elements of WaR often it is very difficult to tell who a tank it hitting. I assume this is not in the default UI to try & avoid assist trains of casters in open RvR but that doesn't make it anymore less of a nuisance.

2:Cooldown Timers

The addon Cooldowntimers2 was perhaps my no1 PvP addon in wow, there is nothing worse than having to watch your action bars constantly.

1:Chat window replacement

The Default Chat window in WaR is to me by far the worst part of the default UI. Its crimes are numerous. The worst of them being not able to click select a name & send a tell directly to them, which to me is almost criminal in what is a very social game.