Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Great expectations

I found myself with very hesitant to write any posts atm, there's allot i want to write about the problem is it all up in the air.

It appears from the patch notes for 1.1.1 that fortress's are being made significantly more accessible and that mythic expect this to open up capital sieges allot more.

generally i'm in favor of this but the problem is Zone Domination was announced a long time ago, but no significant information on how it will operate has emerged since it was first announced.

Without the changes to zone locks being made it unlikely that the keep changes will have a chance to be experienced because zones are still to difficult to lock.

The new careers and associated live events are very unclear too.
As for the 'live expansion' there is no info outside mythic's very tightly controlled press release.

The Zone domination system has to be done just right, in particular it important that the difficulty of preventing a lock increases as time passes to encourage people to fight early and not just wait until the last moment and swoop in and ninja 1 thing.

There are a couple of methods mythic could use but as yet no indication has been given as to which one will be used.

Its unsure as yet is if mythic want to make zone domination the primary way of capturing a zone or if SC's and PQ's are still going to be the primary method.

Im hoping for a bit of both The way id like it to work is:

Keeps Contribute a static amount

BO's contribute a static amount on initial capture and then a constant stream of VP's as long as both keeps are held.

PQ's & SC's both still contribute VP's which decay over time.

anyways this is still all pie in the sky, but i hope mythic's tight lipness & the amount of time they have spent on it means that whatever changes are being made are significant

On a final note there's one line on the patch notes which is making me very hopeful
'New Quests: New quests are available from Keep Lords and Battlefield Objective Sergeants' i wrote here about my hope for quest with decent rewards for zone caps so im gonna cross my fingers and hope, but equally its possible the quest could be timed quests which give a bonus if the objective is held for the duration which would certainly give a better incentive to defence.

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