Wednesday, 22 October 2008

3 Tips To Fast WaR Leveling

WaR is a game which gives you far more to do as you level up then any mmo i have played, but there are time when you just want to get that extra level so you can play with your friends or feel competitive in RvR.

The WaR community has expressed some concern of the speed after lvl 20 & the over reliance on Scenarios. The were rumblings a week or so ago, as the greenskin commented on the slow pace & other blogs like Winged Nazgul responded & recently has resurfaced as The Book Of Grudges threw its hat into the ring.
With that in mind i present my Top 3 fundamentals of efficient leveling in WaR.

1.Mix & Match
Perhaps the biggest bone of contention has been which is the fastest method, PvE, Open RvR, or Scenarios. The truth is that under certain circumstances they can all be very effeicent but equally they call all be appalingly unefficent.
The solution is to make use opportunities as & when they present themselves.
Keep a eye on the RVR map:
If you are near a RvR lake & you see all 4 BO's & a keep or 2 controled by the oposing faction keep checking the open party window for a decent size warband forming while also watching the map for BO's being capped, as soon as the action get started get yourself over there asap. A couple of fast BO's followed by a keep capture can give good Xp & R as well as being alot of fun.
Always be qued for scenarios:
"But i dont want to always do scenarios!" i hear you cry. Well i never said anything about always doing the important thing is to be qued. Sometime they will pop at awkward times if they do simply ingnore it. Other time you will be half the zone away from your quest giver with 14mins left on you librum cooldown & that Tor Anroc will be like mana from heavan.

Click to read the rest of a guide more enjoyable than swimming in molten lava

2.Get ahead of the Quest curve.
Quest & Mob Kill Xp increase significantly (almost 100%) if they are either equal or above your current level, & overall their difficulty does not.
Chapter Hop:
To go from tier to tier you will typically need to do quest from a mix of quest racial pairings. The best way of doing this is to Complete the 1st chapter in one zone & then go do the equivalent chapter in another racial pairing. This is one area where rule No1 is broke & traveling does increase your Xp per hour rate. The traveling is counterbalanced by the the extra XP you get from killing these mobs while they are above your level, instead of clearing one racial pairing before going to another where the chapter may be beneath you level. This also produces a high quality and amount of gear(better gear = faster leveling.
Make best use of PQ's:
Always grind Every PQ chapter to 2/3rd influence for the quest chain it unlocks i tend to do this in a PQ which i pass through or near during a quest loop on my way back to the quest givers after the intial bunch of quests at any new hub

1.Walk Don't Run
This Is The No1, Numero Uno, absolute most important thing you have to remember. Its simple its easy to do, but so many people ignore it based on bad logic.
Never avoid killing something.
Leave a trail of corpses whenever you go,don't mount up & run back to you quest givers, cut a bloody path from A-B. Any moment you are out of combat is a moment you aren't gaining xp.
People are goal orientated, killing a mob for no obvious reason lacks the immediate positive reinforcement provided when a quest ticks off another mob. WaR's questmap has incresed the affect this has on people by providing a even clearer path from goal to goal. But the fact remains just because a mob doesn't feel important doesn't mean the XP it gives isn't.