Saturday, 8 November 2008

Daggers are a girls best friend

You see above a very happy witch elf, which she should be as she now posses after a evening hard work the two best daggers (untill a patch nerfs the hell out of them ) in WaR.Unlike WoW there has been relatively little theory work done for war so i thought id spend a little while discussing witch elf weapon choices.
Our Lesson plan for today is
3.Hidden extras:

Before delving in too much id like to direct you to Cerberias’ guide to rank 40 witch elf smackdown this is a excellent primer to WE stats & tactics, and can really help you get a feel for how the class works, & also to WaRdb's excellent Career Builder
& fianly if u want ur brain really hurt to the godly Disquette
There are only 2 stats we really care about for dps
Weapon Skill & Strength:
Picking between these is all about mitigation, roughly put Str will give better results when your target has less than 50% base mitigation, more than this & WS will give better results.
Lvl40 squishy Base Armor (using annihilator set values) = 970 Armor Total
Lvl 40 Medium Armor 1915
Lvl 40 Heavy Armor 2917 (assuming the fucker dont use a shield)
lets save me a headache or 2 & round that up to 1000, 2000 & 3000. So
So Looking at the different paths main attacks we can see how much mitigation they have
0% on all
Pierce Armor up
100%light 50% med 33%heavy
Envenomed Blade
75% (that's the % of damage done by the dot) on all
Agonizing Wound
100% on all
None of the finishing move have a built in ignore armor affect however for 4 point in carnage u can get Sharpened Edge.
As you see obviously if you are carnage then WS become allot more important than it is for treachery or suffering. I tend to aim to have around a 25% armor ignore value from WS when carnage spec but i like to use Whirling Blades to build fast combo points so allot of my dps comes from finishers.

I'm gonna take a excellent summary from WA forums here by Blind Muse
"Essentially, a faster weapon in the main hand is better, for offhand, its not a big deal, fast or slow, it will still attack the same amount of times. Offhand swings are based on a proc off the mainhand, its a fairly high chance, so nothing to worry about there.
All skills are set to a 1.5 Co-efficient(instant skills are all set as having a 1.5 cast speed for co-efficient purposes.) so weapon speed becomes irrelevant there.
All procs are set to a % chance, and unlike WoW are not on a PPM system, and are not 'normalized' So faster weapons will cause more procs to happen.
So Basically you want a fast MH to proc OH attacks, similarly fast weapons are more likely to proc kisses &/or talents.

Hidden Extras (Procs)
speaking of procs some t4 level weapons have built in procs, due to some wisdom i can't decipher mythic feel it unnecessary to make any not of this on the item tooltips
There are 3 quest & 6 daggers in total
Time to Waagh!
Seeping Blade
The Ebon Flame
Nightfall & Frenzy are considered to be the best because the procs appear to frequent & provide a very high amount of burst potential.
Note: due to a bug if you die u need to unequip & reequip the items to get the procs
So in summary, look for high weapon dps, then fast speed, a decent amount of str , then for any hidden procs. if a weapon has all of these your onto a winner

Personal Best

that i think must be my all time best score in a scenario & quite frankly i have no goddamn idea how it got so high, dps was 6th on the destro side, 3rd from bottom on kills, died 3 times, got 2 solo kills (although that's no big total), also ran the parts 3 times. now i was over rank 36 so bolster doesn't explain it, so really i'm at a bit of a loss.

Thursday, 6 November 2008


Been a really busy week what with Witching night(and the frantic dash to farm rewards)IRL Halloween & 2 family birthdays, but im back. Pacth 1.05 is on the horizon & id like to echo the feeling of Exsequien on the EU Forums
"• To promote population balance among the various scenarios, we have added a feature that reduces the number of times a scenario can launch in a short period of time. This will give scenarios which are launched less frequently an opportunity to catch up in the queue population and launch more often.

YES YES YES *orgasms*"