Wednesday, 29 October 2008

a step in the right direction?

so patch 1.04 is here and there's some minor changes to RvR full notes can be found at the US herald
Ive highlighted the important parts of this for easy reference

"Campaign Adjustments
Tier 4 zones now require fewer scenario victory points to be captured. The mechanics of capturing a zone have not changed however. Zones which have no scenario opposition can still be captured if players join the queue for scenarios based on that Zone. Victory points towards zone control will be granted if a realm has enough players in the queue to launch the scenario and the other realm doesn't.If players in those queues join a launched scenario or leave the queue, the victory points towards zone control will be forfeit.
In other words, using "Join All" to queue for all available scenarios is still the fastest way to get into a scenario, but joining the scenarios in a specific zone will have the greatest impact on control of that zone, and by extension the greatest impact on the campaign in that pairing."

So whats the likely affect of these changes? Obviously this should make zone control quicker but will it be quick enough. PuG Warbands quickly run out of steam when there's nothing to do, sure PQ's can be farmed but that's about it if you side controls all the keeps. From personal experience id say 30-45 mins is the max length of time a warband will stay together once all keeps are controlled, before everyone slowly ebbs away. This is a step in the right direction hopefully resulting in zones being capped & the battlefront moving more often, & hopefully towards solving the 'Ive run out of people to fight' problem.

But I'm worried that again the cure may turn out to be worse than the disease. There is little incentive to defend anything atm, coupled with a greater ease of attack, & the still uneven realm pops may lead to a steamroller affect on many servers as one side dominates.

The change to affect of queuing is a good one overall, & hopefully will lead to a greater variety of scenarios launching. But it still lacks anything to really link the RvR & Scenario content. The possibility of faster launch time may attract more people to que for the zones where there are large number of RvR players queing but theres still nothing which really makes them any more likely to que for one scenario than another(ie: no reason to que riekland rather than dragonwake even if it would help their realm attack a Fortress.

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