Thursday, 30 October 2008


I started blogging to be part of the ongoing discussion about the games i love to play & generally I've found that WaR & WoW both have great blogging communities which inspire me to think harder & more thoughtfully about the issues involved.
Occasionally though someone goes & says something which makes me really gawd darn frikkin mad!
and like anything. its worse when it comes from someone you otherwise respect. There i was doing my daily trawl of my blog roll when i came across this post by Tolbold called War introduces auto win for bigger realm.
This left me a little slightly peeved until i read More on wow zombies after which i was just pure pissed off.
How can someone write in one post that people should stop complaining about event which ultimately inconvenience them & at the same time complain about a change which will produce more RvR but at the cost of possible inconvenience.
I think it probably the hypocrisy of the 2 post which got my good & angry rather than the opposition to the changes because when reading Arkenor post on the subject i feel he makes a much more reasoned argument. I still think hes wrong becuase ultimately what the problem is his servers population not the change itself. Im hopefull after Wotlk has hit & taken it toll Myhtic will introduce the server transfers they have disscussed and we will end up with a far more concentrated player base, which will render most of the concerns over this null & void.

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