Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Redsign = Done

Finally i think I've got something which isn't too shameful a start, and look nice while remaining readable and I must admit being quite happy with the way the banner turned out.
My one gripe is not being able to center my picture in the side bar using the automated controls. No doubt it can be done but all that html is looking scary atm so it will do for a while.

Started adding all the relevant blog i read regularly, though i'm unsure of blogging etiquette as far as whether i should tell them before i link to them as a courtesy, or if its fine if your a fan of someones work to just slap a link down on your site.

I think at 1st im gonna just concentrate on writing some stuff worth reading & once im happy i have ill get around to the demonic business of actually getting some people to read this.

Got a few subjects in mind for the '1st real post' which ill probably do this evening or tomorrow lunchtime.

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