Sunday, 12 October 2008

Paint it.... White?

One of the minor annoyances of the early level of WaR is the fact that just about any cloak you pick up is going to be white. Now while white may be perfect for a high elf or warrior priest it feels distinctly out of place on any of the destruction classes.
Mythic have offered a partial solution by allowing players to dye cloaks the problem is not all cloaks allow you to. It only seems to be Renown reward cloaks which you can be customize, the rest of us have to wait until our guilds reach the lofty heights of rank 14 and we slap the guild design on there (this is the moment which will no doubt come back & haunt many ill advised selections of guild colour schemes as after the Xth 1000th hour of looking at pink & illuminious green creation a player is forced to tear his own eyes out).
My personal solution was when finding i couldnt dye my cloak, was to instead dye everything else white.
Not all areas are changeable through the NPC dying system, but nearly all are through dropped & player made dyes. Thus is quite possible that dyes will be high value but very volitile trade at lvl 40.

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